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The City of Peekskill

The City of Peekskill, New York is situated on the east side of the Hudson River. Peekskill has approximately 22,000 residents, and is approximately 5.5 square miles. The City of Peekskill is approximately 40 miles from New York City and is easily accessible in about 1 hour on the Metro North express train. Additionally, Peekskill is a short 5 minute ride from the United States Military Academy at West Point, and scenic Bear Mountain State Park just over the Bear Mountain Bridge. The City also is the proud host of the magnificent Paramount Theatre for the Fine Arts, and the original home of former New York State Governor George Pataki and NBA star Elton Brand.

Types of Cases Our Office Handles in the City of Peekskill

For the last twenty six years, The Law Office of Mark A. Siesel in White Plains, New York and Bronx County has been representing clients injured in construction accidents, motor vehicle accidents, trip/slip and fall accidents, bus and motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and those who suffer injuries due to medical malpractice and defective medications and products. Additionally, we represent clients charged with criminal offenses including DWI, Aggravated DWI’s, felony DWI under Leandra’s Law, assault, criminal mischief, drug possession, weapons charges and traffic infractions, including texting while driving, among other charges.

According to City-data.com, the average crime rate for the United States is 298.7 per 100,000 citizens. As of 2011, the City of Peekskill’s crime rate was 85.2, which is approximately half of what the rate was in 2001 at 171. This includes all violent crimes, including murders (none reported in 2011), rapes, robberies, assaults, thefts, automobile theft and arson. Peekskill has a similar crime rate to Cold Spring, New York in Putnam, County, which has a crime rate of 82.4, and is somewhat safer than nearby Ossining, which has a crime rate of 97.7.

Speeding tickets are one of the most serious traffic infractions and there is a large volume of these infractions on the traffic calendar in the Peekskill City Court. Route 9, Route 9A, Route 6, Maple Avenue and Division Street are all large roadways that run through the City, and the New York State Police and City of Peekskill Police are assigned to the City. On Route 9, many of the speeding tickets are issued, since it is mostly a straight and level highway with a temptation to drive at excessive speeds—not a good idea. Village, Town Court and City Court justices are reluctant to permit plea bargains of speeding tickets to another moving violation or to a non-moving violation if the charge is for more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit. Additionally, Peekskill City Court judges are tough on speeding in construction zones or school zones. However, we have been successful in obtaining favorable sentences even with speeding violations, particularly if the driver has an otherwise “clean” driving record and has no other tickets within an eighteen month period.

If you receive and are convicted of two speeding tickets in an 18 month period for travelling 21-30 miles an hour over the posted speed limit, this can quickly result in a suspension of your driver’s license, as each of these infractions results in six points and you would have 12 points on your driver’s license. 11 points assessed against the driver’s license within an eighteen month period results in a suspension of the driver’s license, or suspension of privileges to operate a vehicle in the State of New York for out of state drivers driving in New York. Further, if you receive 6 points on your operator’s license in 18 months, this results in a “Driver’s Responsibility Assessment”, which is a fine imposed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The fine is $300.00, which can be paid in three yearly installments of $100.00, or in one payment. Driver’s Responsibility Assessments are also issued in every DWI case, in the amount of $750.00, which can be paid in three yearly installments of $250.00, or in one payment.

The Law Office of Mark A. Siesel has successfully represented clients in the Peekskill City Court in a variety of criminal cases and traffic infractions. In DWI, aggravated DWI and DWAID (Driving While Ability Impaired By Drugs) cases, we have obtained several favorable resolutions of cases and hardship privileges, conditional licenses, and conditional discharges in numerous cases. In traffic matters, we have obtained reduced fines, reduced points, and in many instances have secured no point resolutions for our clients.

Peekskill City Court and Judge Information

The Peekskill City Court is located at:
2 Nelson Avenue, Peekskill, New York 10566
914-831-6480 phone
914-736-1889 fax

The Peekskill City Court Judges are:

Hon. William L. Maher
Hon. Thomas R. Langan


The Peekskill City Court generally is in operation from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The jurisdiction of the Court includes criminal cases (not including felonies which are under the jurisdiction of the County Court in White Plains, New York), traffic violations, landlord tenant matters, civil cases, small claims and municipal matters.


From the North

Take Taconic Pkwy to Rt. 202 (Peekskill) Exit. Remain on Rt. 202 to Bear Mountain Pkwy. Take the Bear Mountain Parkway westbound to Rt. 9 South to the Main St. exit at Rt. 6. Proceed eastbound on Rt. 6 (Rt. 6 = Main Street), two traffic lights to the intersection of Main St. and Nelson Avenue. Turn right on Nelson Ave.

From the West

Take the Palisades Parkway to the Bear Mountain Bridge. After the toll, stay to the right, (south) and follow signs to New York City, Rt. 6 East to Rt. 9. Take Rt. 9 Southbound to the first exit, Rt. 6, Main Street. Go east for two traffic lights. The second light will be at the intersection of Main Street and Nelson Ave. Make a right turn on Nelson Ave. There is a municipal parking lot opposite the Courthouse (on the left side of the street).

From the South

From New York City, take the West Side Highway northbound, which becomes the Henry Hudson Pkwy northbound, to the Saw Mill River Parkway North. Exit the Saw Mill to the right at the Taconic Pkwy. Get off at the exit for Rt. 100, Route 9-A. Proceed northbound on Rt. 9-A, which becomes Route 9 after Briarcliff exit. Remain on Rt. 9 northbound until the Main Street exit in Peekskill. When you exit at Main Street (Rt 6), proceed east on Main St. until the second traffic light to the intersection of Main St. and Nelson Ave. At second light, make right turn on Nelson Ave. There is a municipal lot on the left side of the street for Court parking. The courthouse is across the street in the same building as the Peekskill Police Department, 2nd floor. Enter through the glass doors which face the Peekskill Public Library.

Parking For the Peekskill City Court

Parking for the Peekskill City Court is ample. There is a municipal garage across the street from the Courthouse on Nelson Avenue and street parking. Make sure that if you park in the garage, you do not park in the permit parking spaces as you will get a ticket.

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Mark Siesel made taking care of my traffic case easy, and delivered with results. Mark was professional, prompt with return calls or emails, and very efficient. He followed up on the day of my case, and took care of everything as promised. I would recommend Mark highly to my friends or colleagues in...


Recently, I had a legal situation that required the assistance from an attorney. Well, not living in the State of New York I had to do some research regarding qualified attorneys in New York. I found Mark Siesel. I'm happy to write that Mr. Siesel came through with "flying colors." Mark made sure my...


I was in a horrific train accident. After my first phone conversation with Mark, I knew that I made the right decision. He was compassionate, knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating. He was with me every step of the way and he was very informative. His advice and counsel comes from many years of...

A.M. (Former Client)

Great representation and very passionate and dedicated staff. I would highly reccommend this law firm to anyone in need of competent and knowledgable attorney work throughout Westchester County. Mr Siesel is a true professional and his staff is amazing and very helpful. Dont hesitate to call!!

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